How Many Games in the league?

You will play 20 games, this includes the playoffs.  Some teams may play one or two more games depending on playoffs

What is the Playoff structure?

All teams make the playoffs.  The playoffs will be in a tournament format and will be held on a weekend.

Is their any weekend games?

NO!  The exception to this might be make up games.  Or special request by two teams.

I am a player in the league can I be a referee as well?

Yes, just contact us and we will forward the information for registering on “Ramp”

I am a player on a team, can I register as a spare as well?

Yes, we have a few players that want to get in extra games.  Please note that we have expanded the number of full time players each team can register, so the need for spares will be less in 2015 and into the future.

I would like to register as a spare, what is the process and cost?

All spares must register online as their are rules in place as to which spares might be eligible for playoffs.  The cost for a spare is $20 per skate and is paid directly to the team you are playing for.  GOALIES:  are an important part of this league and we encourage goalies to register.  If their are certain times you can or can not play, let us know and we will post it.

How is the spare list handled?

You can register as a spare for a specific team or a open spare.  A open spare is available to all teams.  We put your contact information on a password protected page on the website and this information is available to the coaches in your age division.

How many games a week will we play?

This varies.  It is dependent on the block of ice we get from the city.  In the past their might be weeks where they give us 70 slots, in which case you might play 3 games that week.  Other weeks we might get 25, in this case you could play one game.  Our block of ice has improved every year in regards to times.  We are working closely with the city to get a more balanced schedule.  However they are can be limited by rink maintenance and closures.

Can I register a team in your league?

Yes, we encourage this.  It provides an opportunity to select friends and players you want to be on your team.

What is the calibre of the league?

The calibre of our league is increasing every year.  The league is considered competitive and many of the players enjoy this high paced competition.

How does the Re-Tier work?

After a few games into the season we re-tier teams based on results.  This is to try and even out the league.  We get input from the teams and scout various teams.  This is not an exact science, but we have had good results with the process we use.  The decision of the league is final.

If I register as an individual which team will I be assigned to?

You will be assigned to a team that requires a player to round out its roster or a team made up of individual registrants like yourself.   These teams have ranged in calibre from very strong to not so strong.